Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blues and Pinks

If there was a 'Smiley Designing' Profession, That's be The One for me. Thought it's a rather weird sort of hobby, but i love drawing and designing Smileys. Cause they're cute, god be damned They. Are. Cute. I guess it's cause i like smiling, i like smiling people, i like smiling things. And smileys are there so that everyone can be all Smiley-Smiley :D *Spreading Smiles*

This is my special smiley, donned in shades of Blue and Pink. Yes, he's a real model, so treat him like one. And yes, *He* is a He. Oh and, those ARE teeth, incase you're wondering.

The Blue.

The Pink.

A combination Mosaic :)

And he's grinning at you, expressing how happy he is.
This guy, he's my favorite cause whenever I'm sad, I draw Him, and I draw Him repeatedly and it works to cheer me up :D

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