Tuesday, March 16, 2010



  1. Hi,

    Thanks for dropping by and reading my poems... very much appreciated...!!!:)

    O yea, well that poem was a sort of finding reasons for everything in connection with existence... there, i'm askin' who art God and Eve.. in the bible it says that man is art by God... Yet, God,indeed, is man... so does it mean he art his self??? what 'bout Eve... literally she's a woman and not a man... does God art her...??? life, when applied by philosophy, is really full of reasons and never-ending conclusions... well, personally... i wrote that piece not as a poet by more on as a kid wantin' to know and think what others can't go beyond...!!!:D Thank you for your thoughts and i hope you enjoyed your visit on my blog... come back again!!!:D

    Good day!!!:)

    God bless!!!:)


  2. Hey, you're welcome :) Shall surely come by again!

    Ooohh. thanks for that explaination! I get it now :) And i really appreciated it! :)

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    Thanks :)

  3. ..I do love Deepika ..she is wonderful

  4. OUR SMILEY.......... Mine is totally chipped and stuff, but i hope it's fine, at least yours seems to be in a good position!! :) :)